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PH&N Fixed Income Team

Investment Objective

To provide relatively high yields and stability of capital by investing primarily in a well-diversified portfolio of fixed income securities issued by Canadian governments and corporations.

Fund Details

Series: D
Fund Code: RBF1110
Load Structure: No Load
Currency: CAD
Inception Date: Dec, 1970
Series D NAV $: 10.29
Series D MER %: 0.60
  • FTSE TMX Canada Universe Bond Index

  • Income Distribution: Quarterly
    Capital Gains Distribution: Annually
    Sales Status: Partially open to existing unitholders
    Minimum Investment $: 500
    Subsequent Investment $: 25

    Notes: Effective July 4, 2016, units of this fund will not be available for purchases by new investors. Existing investors who hold units of the fund can continue to make additional investments into the fund.


    Performance Analysis as of  November 30, 2017

    Growth of $10,000

    Returns and Quartile Ranking
    Calendar Returns %

    Trailing Return %

    Portfolio Analysis

    Asset Mix

    Top Ten Holdings
    Top Ten Holdings % Assets
    Canada Govt 0.75% 01-09-2020 5.0
    Ontario Prov Cda 3.5% 02-06-2043 2.8
    Canada Hsg Tr No 1 1.25% 15-06-2021 2.7
    Ontario Prov Cda 6.2% 02-06-2031 2.6
    Canada Hsg Tr No 1 1.75% 15-06-2022 2.6
    Canada Govt 1% 01-09-2022 2.5
    Ontario Prov Cda 3.5% 02-06-2024 2.5
    Canada Govt 1.5% 01-06-2023 2.5
    Canada Govt 2.75% 01-12-2048 2.5
    Canada Govt 3.25% 01-06-2021 2.4
    % Assets
    Total % of Top Ten Holdings 28.1
    Total Number of Stock Holdings 0
    Total Number of Bond Holdings 323
    Total Number of Other Holdings 3
    Total Number of Holdings 326
    Top Geographic Allocations
    % Assets
    Canada 97.1
    United States 2.9

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